1. Prof Guandong Xu has been elected as the Fellow of Institution of Engineering & Technology, UK
  2. Our project has been the winner of “ICT Research Project of the Year” in the 2021 ACS (Australian Computer Society) Digital Disruptors Award.
  3. Prof Guandong Xu has been elected as Australian Computer Society Fellow on 22 April 2021
  4. Our research paper on CTR prediction collaborated with eBay Research was nominated for the Best Paper at leading data science conference CIKM 2021
  5. Our collaboration with eBay on Tiktok Influencer Monitoring for Targeted Marketing won the Top 3 Leaders’ Choice Award selected by the eBay Leadership Team
  6. Global Award for AI Transforming Insurance Underwriting, FEIT News 22 June, 2020
  7. Our project developed for OnePath Life “AI-driven Underwriting”  has been awarded the “Top 3 Workforce Transformation” in 2020 global Efma-Accenture Insurance Innovation Award
  8. Our “Ai-driven Underwriting” project together with OnePath Life won the Australian Computer Society 2019 Digital Disruptors Winner in Skills Transformation and Gold Award in Service Transformation for the Digital Consumer
  9. 2019 Cooperative Research Centre Project (CRC-P) on Solar Power Prediction, UTS news, 19 Sep, 2019
  10. BigInsights Data & AI Innovation Awards announced, Technology Decisions, 3 Oct, 2018
  11. NSW Innovation Minister presents 2018 BigInsights Data & AI Innovation Awards, Newsmaker, 3 Oct, 2018
  12. Success of ARC-LP grant (LP170100891) “Reshaping superannuation practice in Australia using big data analytics”, A$415,893

Media release re: ANZ and UTS collaboration on AI supported underwriting, video here

  1.  Analytics expert achieves national Award and ARC funding, UTS FEIT, 3 July 2018
  2. AI-enabled Underwriting project video:
  3.  AAI awards for fintech partnerships, UTS FEIT News, 12 Nov, 2018
  4. AI-led insurance innovation wins Awards, UTS Newsroom, 9 Oc 2018, AAi News, 11 Nov, 2018
  5. Research explores automated underwriting – Life Insurance … Jan 2018
  6. UTS-OnePath Improving insurance underwriting using artificial intelligence (Youtube)
  7. AI the future of insurance and underwriting, CeBIT Post, 16 May 2018
  8. Early wins for OnePath’s AI insurance underwriting project, ComputerWorld, 19 Jan 2017
  9. ANZ Wealth exploring AI for insurance underwriting, ComputerWorld, 19 Jan 2017
  10. ANZ and UTS seek AI underwriting, FinanceCareer, 19 Jan 2017

Media release on the collaboration with colonial First State (CFS), the Wealth Management Division of Commonwealth Bank

  1. Colonial First State drills big data to transform superannuation, IT News, 2 July, 2018
  2. Colonial First State and UTS use machine learning to predict investors, Financial Review News 9 Jan 2017
    Super future, UTS Newsroom, 3 April, 2018
  3. UTS-Colonial First State project wins customer insights award | University of Technology Sydney
  5. (Video show )