AAi has proven experience in managing small, medium and large-scale engagements with both industry and government clients. The AAi team deployed to deliver this project has considerable project and program management experience, as well as deep expertise in analytics. Over the course of their careers, they have worked on many similar projects. A few such examples are summarised below.

Department of Human Services (DHS)/Centrelink

AAi has conducted a series of 10 social security projects, since 2004, involving data matching, integration and analytics of information including: taxation, child support, banking, Medicare and the DHS data sets. These projects essentially involve understanding very complicated data sources from government agencies and business providers, as well as the collection, pre-processing, matching, integration, storage and management of relevant data sources. These up-to-date models and systems AAi has delivered have had very high impact in improving DHS service delivery and daily client management. A DHS estimate suggests the government has saved approximately $300M over three years as a result of using the outcomes jointly delivered by AAi and Centrelink.

Australian Taxation Office (ATO)

Since 2011, AAi has been heavily involved in the ATO’s debt and lodgement business lines for data and process understanding, collection, matching, integration, storage and management and deep analytics. The data involves taxpayer information, assets, correspondence, debt and lodgement, government policies and processes, and risk management, as well as external data from other government agencies and banks.

Microsoft Australia

Microsoft Australia engaged AAi to uncover the key drivers of client dissatisfaction, and develop a predictive model that could help them mitigate the potential loss of clients. AAi studied survey data in combination with sales and interaction data from the company’s call centres. This was the first time a global technology company had leveraged big data techniques to uncover insights hidden in its data. AAi successfully helped Microsoft to take action across the globe to recover those clients at risk of taking their business elsewhere. Part of this process was putting long-term strategies in place to mitigate the drivers of client dissatisfaction.

NSW Department of Finance, Services and Innovation (DFSI)

AAi delivered a consulting assignment for DFSI to systematically review its data sources, infrastructure, capabilities and gaps. Recommendations were made to DFSI to further its corporate information management and smart information use, including the involvement of external data and client sentiment information.

Australian Government Department of Immigration and Border Protection

AAi is integrating social media data with call centre data from Australia, the UK, Canada and China to correlate macro- and micro-evidence between public and private data on government policies.

Insurance Australian Group

AAi helps IAG to collect, store, manage, analyse and visualise road condition data, transport data, motor accidents, claims, and client data for detecting and visualising black spots in high risk locations across Australia.